“Technology is a word that describes something that doesn’t work yet

– Douglas Adams

Typical Services

Our work has been very diverse. We are focussed on ensuring that projects succeed.

We have worked on projects from the system engineering of advanced radio telescopes, outdoor robotics, the project management of the design and implementation of medical particle accelerators with both conventional and super conducting magnets. We undertook two 510(k)s and implement ISO 9001. We have assisted in crowd-funding projects and advised on the future of energy and even building efficiency. 

We are often drawn into the medical and energy sector.

Project Scan

Allowing us to make an assessment at any stage of a project can ensure that the proper systems are in place and that the project should proceed to senior management’s expectations.

Examination of the project management plan, other project documents and by meeting the project team we can usually make a rapid assessment and provide a report of the current situation together with recommendations of how the project may be best improved.

Project Definition

Essential to the success of any project is setting clear project goals. This is the project definition phase. It is all too easy to assume that “everyone” understands what the project’s goals are. Every project usually starts with some vision or idea; putting this down clearly on paper ensures smoother future work.

We establish performance requirements or specifications in terms of scope, schedule, and budget. This enables goal-oriented planning in the following phases. We establish the structure of the project phasing and the initial project management plan.

Project Support

Either after a “Project Scan” or at the request of the client, we can support the project at different levels ensuring that the correct systems are in place and the correct project management processes are followed.

Training can be undertaken of key personnel so that we may step out of day-to-day project support.

Project Reboot

In some cases, and it is not uncommon, we have been asked to effectively “reboot” a project.

Projects start with great hopes and enthusiasm but sometimes with unclear goals, non-optimal management practises and the wrong mix of skills. Schedules slip, budgets explode, project management is under great stress but covers the cracks to please the client and senior management.

Little by little senior management realises things are not right  and we are called in before or after a crisis.

Naturally, what we must do depends on many factors.

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